Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another Productive Weekend

Here we are at the close of another productive weekend.  Friday a package of 15mm models arrived from Khurasan Miniatures and they were even more amazing than we'd hoped - from zombies to kick-ass women, to policemen and reptilian hunters, these little guys have crazy detail for their size.  So, that was exciting until we realized that we don't yet have the custom 15mm bases we'd ordered and that would prevent us from using the new models on Monday night.  Monday is game testing day at Ill Gotten Games, no exceptions except Halloween last year.  Our gamers know that they practically need a doctor's note to be excused from a session.

So, on Saturday afternoon a little bit of positive thinking paid off and the bases arrived just in time from Sarissa Precision.  We got to work, basing over a hundred little tiny models on little tiny rounds of MDF, the custom cuts so fresh that each little zipper top bag released the smell of a campfire.  We order our bases 3mm thick, so they're strong enough for regular use but not so thick as to overwhelm the smaller models.

While Continuum isn't a miniature-based game per se, it is helpful to have some minis laying around when the characters get into sticky situations and need to visualize their next step.  Seeing as how we also have Continuum Mini (dubbed Minium internally) in which we use models, there is never a shortage.  These new 15mm models, however, are primarily going to be used for MetaTafl.  In keeping with the elegance of the original game of Hnefatafl, the models we use for our game are painted in only one color per team, easily differentiated from the opponent.  That means that the models we based yesterday, which only arrived on Friday, are fully painted and ready to go for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Continuum's realistic physics have allowed something new - Entropy.  Entropy is a game within a game within a story, if that makes sense.  The group has been exploring Nexus City for a while now, with jaunts around the Multiverse to keep things interesting.  Entropy, as the story goes, is the local pastime in Nexus City. So some of those 15mm bases have become pieces for the prototype Entropy board, which we'll get pictures of soon.  Meanwhile, the Entropy rules are nearly complete (productive weekend, remember?), so we'll be testing those in another few weeks, depending on how the current modules go.

Ahh...  The modules will be another post.  They're awesome, and we're eternally grateful to have such creative team members writing up the adventures for our beloved characters.

Along with the bases, by the way, we also received one of these crazy cool 15mm houses that we'll be using for Minium. It is laser cut MDF, snapped together with ease, and looks amazing.  (We got the biggest one on the bottom of the page.)  We'll be ordering more of these for sure.  

Tomorrow is play testing day, and we can't wait to see how the conclusion of this module unfolds....