Friday, September 21, 2012

And the winner is....

Well, it's been a few weeks since the contest to create the perfect Pocket-Tactics logo ended.  There's no excuse for the delay in announcing the winner, aside from being really busy being featured on the radio and making crazy progress revising .  Without further adieu...

The winner of the Pocket-Tactics logo design contest is TinkerCad user Michael Wortman!!

We love the streamlined look, the pocket-y design, and we fully intend to make the piece into a belt buckle to wear proudly to our next gaming convention.  The designer will receive a hand printed and painted copy of the game, as well as design credit when we get the Kickstarter campaign going.

Honorable mentions, too, for some of our other favorites:
Tinkercad user Badger

Tinkercad user Mr TinCans
Michael Wortman again
We really had some amazing entries into the contest and we really appreciate the time and effort that everyone put into creating art for our game.  We're already brainstorming ideas for more contests in the future.

Speaking of logos, our amazing artist friend Austen Zaleski took a jumble of ideas that we emailed him and designed our new Ill Gotten Games logo.  It's exactly as we'd envisioned, but somehow even cooler and better.  HUGE thank you to Austen for his creativity and attention to detail (sounds like a report card, and we think he gets an A).