Friday, November 14, 2014

Big Apple and BIGGER NEWS!

Last year, Arian was able to visit MakerBot headquarters, meet the amazing staff, and participate in their first annual Make-a-Thon.  He wasn't sure what to expect - he's an artist, not a programmer - but damn if he didn't fit right in and have a blast. 
So this weekend Arian and Jeremy are both attending the second Make-a-Thon, ready to learn some new tricks from other makers and certainly spend some time gawking at the beauty that is banks and banks of 3D printers. 
Drakendar's video poster

As if that wasn't excitement enough for this week, we're also insanely excited (as evidenced by the video) to announce our newest Kickstarter - Drakendar!

Drakendar, much like Wayfarer before it, is an RPG setting codex, but this is a classic sword and sorcery adventure game with a unique dice mechanic.  Random character creation keeps us close to our Continuum roots, while the story brings us back to our early days of gaming. 
Human Knight

We can't thank everyone enough for supporting our last venture.  If you liked what you received, be sure to pledge to this one too.   Please.