Modeling and Building

Miniatures have been a part of our gaming experiences since childhood, and we've explored lots of different techniques.  With our current game projects, we're looking at dozens of different applications, from 3-dimensional modeling on the computer to recycling plastic bits, from classic 28mm scale and smaller 15mm scale, from pre-fabricated models to entirely scratch-built.  Depending on the game, models may be an ancillary component or a key element of the experience.

For now, we are designing our 3D models in Tinkercad, Sculptris, and Blender, all excellent (and totally free) programs that allow us to have our creations printed in various materials.  

There is still something visceral about getting your hands covered in glue and paint and getting lightheaded from the primer fumes, though, so we'll always have traditional models as part of our development process.

We are available for commissions, so whether you're looking to have a 3D model of your RPG character or a prototype of a board game rendered and printed, drop us a line at and we'll talk shop!

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  1. do you know of any good tutorials for learning to model people? i have a lot of experience in engineering parts, but not people looking things.