Pocket-Tactics is a tile-based strategy game in which fantasy forces battle for control of the world. The game is fast-paced (most games lasting between 20-45 minutes) and is so small that it all fits in a little felt bag and the play area rarely takes up more than a foot of table space. The system is dynamic though resolution is quick and there aren't a ton of rules to track or memorize, making it ideal for advanced and casual gamers alike.

Think you already know the game?  We've been developing faction after faction, all compatible with one another and with the originals you already know and love.  See below for links to all the options... So far.  All of the monsters, creatures, aliens, humanoids, and characters are from our RPG, Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder.

We're [STILL] working on a Kickstarter campaign so that we can produce Pocket-Tactics on a larger scale, but in the meantime it is already available to the 3D printing community!  You can download the most current rules from the Thingiverse.  For some factions or Merc inclusion, you'll also want to check out the extended rules.  To keep your tiles from sliding around, you may want to also print some trays for your gameplay.

Pocket-Tactics: Cosmic Invaders Featuring an offensive strategy with strong support abilities, the Cosmic Invaders are strangely retro galactic conquerors.

Pocket-Tactics: Cult of the Stygian King - A focused, singular strategy that strongly rewards achieving specific conditions, the Cult of the Stygian King are devoted worshipers of an immensely powerful cosmic entity.

Pocket-Tactics: Cybernetic Liberation Front - A diverse faction with several explosive surprises, the Cybernetic Liberation Front are a ruthless coalition of bionic freedom fighters.

Pocket-Tactics: Dominion Task Force - Featuring a strong mix of defensive and supportive abilities, the Dominion Task Force represents a trans-universal law enforcement organization.

Pocket-Tactics: Forces of Hel - Featuring a combination of abilities that enhance your pieces while disabling your opponents, the Forces of Hel represent the inhabitants of the Norse underworld.

Pocket-Tactics: Freespace Privateers - Featuring an offensive strategy with strong support and movement abilities, the Freespace Privateers represent one ofthe many mercenary companies that fight in the intergalactic wars.

NEW! Pocket-Tactics: Iolosian Trade Guild - Using an array of devious abilities to control their opponent, the Iolosian Trade Guild is a network of ruthless alien merchants.

NEW! Pocket-Tactics: Men of Midgard: Featuring a cohesive support strategy with a wide array of abilities, the Men of Midgard are human warriors of Norse myth from our RPG, Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder.

Pocket-Tactics: Quanar Night CultFeaturing a heavily offensive strategy with abilities that allow your units to recycle, the Quanar Night Cult is a dangerous alien religious order.

Pocket-Tactics: Sons of Dvalinn - A stout, defensive faction with long-range offense capability, the Sons of Dvalinn are space faring Norse dwarves.

Pocket-Tactics: Teledrome Inter-Dimensional Broadcasting System - Utilizing a diverse collection of special powers to control the opponent, the Teledrome Inter-Dimensional Broadcasting System is a villainous, robotic, trans-universal television station.

NEW! Pocket-Tactics: Thralls of the Formless One Featuring a devious control strategy that allows you to summon powerful demons onto the map, the Thralls of the Formless One represents one of the many dangerous demon-worshipping cults that have infiltrated the Known Worlds.

NEW! Pocket-Tactics: Trolls of Jutunheim: Featuring a versatile mix of offensive abilities, the Trolls of Jotunheim are monsters of Norse myth featured in our RPG, Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder.

Pocket-Tactics: United Separatist Militia - Featuring a balanced mix of offensive and defensive powers, the United Separatist Militia is a loose conglomerate of rebellious star-colonists.

Pocket-Tactics: Voolan War Host - An aggressive, fast play faction, the Voolan War Host are a war-like alien species.

Pocket-Tactics: Zyntari Deep Space Salvage Crew - A slow-build faction that assembles an increasingly powerful modular robot to dominate the map, the Zyntari Deep Space Salvage Crew represents one of the many space-criminal organizations found in our RPG, Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder.

Pocket-Tactics Mercenary UnitsEach of these models may be added to an existing faction, bolstering your force and creating an individualized build. See what fun and impressive synergies you can find and tell a new story with each game.

Don't have your own 3D printer?  Order your choice of factions on Etsy!


  1. Hi Guys,

    I 'd like to try out your game (I have access to a 3d printer). But where can I find the rules?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


    1. Hi Tim,

      Thanks for the question and YAY 3D printing! If you head to the Thingiverse, the links are available for all of the models used to play, including the tiles. At the bottom of that list are the PDFs of the rules and stat sheets, too. Meantime, I've added them to this page for your easy downloading. Send us pics! We love to see our creation in action.

      Happy gaming!


  2. Hi Guys,
    i really love your game - i printed Ver1 on a Reprap. Although, my print could be a bit more beautiful - pocket tactics was one of my first printing projects, so there are many possibilities to improve (e.g. the .5 nozzle).

    What i wanted to ask: As I'm from Germany, I thought about translating the rules and stats sheet (at least for the Legion of the High King against the Tribes of the Black Forest) into German. So I wanted to ask for your permission for a translation as the CC-BY-NC-ND does not allow this.


    P.S. "Black Forest" is one of the biggest and most famous forests in Germany, but luckily I didn't see a Beastfolk beeing there ;)

    1. Hey, Florian. Glad to hear that your Black Forest encounters have been beastfolk-free ;-)

      Yeah, we would love to have a German translation. That would be really awesome! You can find the newest versions of the core rules here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:41740 and here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:45269

      Wow, yeah, a .5 nozzle would help. We're totally honored that PT was your first printing project. It certainly is a good test for the hardware. The newer versions are a bit more printer-friendly and the models are generally more sturdy. We've really expanded the range in the last month or so.

      Shoot me an email and let's start a dialogue,


  3. Hey Guys,

    I've just read about your game and instantly had to read your rules!
    This game is AWESOME!!! ^^
    I've played Warhammer for some years and i'm now thinking about which figures i have and how i could use them to play your game! (i haven't access to a 3D-printer v.v)

    As i read the first segment of rules i thought about how i could alter them to fit my "old" dwarf-army but then i saw your lovely "dwarves vs. elves" rules and were fascinated! You really do an awesome job!!!!
    I'm thinking about something like "dwarves vs. orcs" and use some parts of different "rule-packages" you made ... maybe something like "your dwarves" against orcs as played by the rules belonging to your "forrest beastfolk" ^^

    best regards,


    (sorry for my english, i'm dutch! but i could offer to translate your rules to dutch!)

    (sorry for reposting but my google didn't use my google-account so you couldn't see it and were not able to contact me ;-) )

    1. Hey, Jan!

      Yes! I've been wanting to do a blog post about this (and still will before too long). You can absolutely play PT with Warhammer models. Or Reaper, or really any 28mm scale miniatures. All you need is some hex tiles. We actually did this using Reaper and Ral Partha figs and we used a paint program to print out some large hexes and cut them out from card paper. Then we basically just colored them in with color pencils to denote tile types. We made ours at 100mms, though 60mms would work really well too.

      Beastfolk are a great call for orcs, though if you want an even more appropriate force, try Hordes of the Warlands. This is a set my business partner, Jeremy recently finished. They have extremely orc-like powers and attribute distribution. Change their type from human to orc and you;re good to go. Here's a link to that set... http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:51708

      Here's a link to all the current sets the game supports: http://www.thingiverse.com/dutchmogul/collections/pocket-tactics-sets Dwarves haven't been updated, though they should be good to play anyhow, and I'll get a new version back up before long. Also, we're working on a rulebook for doing exactly what you're doing now, so with those rules, you can choose any species you want, combine them with classes and customize your own force/units. We call that one Table-Tactics, and its essentially the same rules set. Fully compatible with Pocket-Tactics, in fact.

      Oh, and yes, we would love a Dutch translation. Despite my moniker, I don't actually speak Dutch ;-) Pretty much any translation we can get! Shoot me an email, I;d love to talk more about this project. Thanks for your interest!


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  5. I've printer a set ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:51581 ) on my Huxley, my printer isn't the best but it does the job.
    Where do I send the pictures?
    Also how many tiles should I print, just what's depicted in the image?
    I'm going to print the other iterations soon.
    Thanks for the game, I look forward to trying it.



    1. Hey, Rob. We'd love to see pics! Shoot them to illgottengames2012@gmail.com

      As for the tile distribution, that should be listed on the rules sheets for a given set (usually at the bottom). If you printed the High King vs Tribes, here's what should be printed: Forest x9, water x3, Field x5, Hill x3

      Hope that all comes together for you. Let us know how it turned out!

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  7. Replies
    1. Hey, Dan. Been trying to reach you on Etsy. Can you check your messages?

  8. Any chance there'll be a multiplayer pocket tatics? I'm printing the dwarves x elves and i'm looking forward to playing this, but a 4 player game would be nicer...

    1. Great question. Actually, you can play with any number of players. All of the factions can go head-to-head in multiplayer battles. Just build the map by placing a central tile and build out from there (each faction contributes 10 tiles to the map pool). We've had a lot of fun with multiplayer games, especially when you form alliances. Cool things happen with ability synergies when you can count your friends pieces as allies.

  9. Hi guys,

    Pocket tactics looks like a great game! I would love to play but have no access to a 3d printer. I checked Etsy and found only an unpainted set that came with only one faction. Is there any way for me to get a full set with 2 factions?

    1. Hey, Jared!

      Yeah, absolutely. We just posted up our newest version of the set (Humans vs Trolls) and that's available on Etsy now. Its the most streamlined version of the game to date and it'll be the direction that future sets follow.

  10. Saw you at Maker Faire Seattle! Just ordered pocket tactics from your etsy!

    1. Hey, thanks, Doug! Just saw that. Printing now!

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Cost and availability of a print run of Breach and expansions?

  12. Hi guys!
    What's the meaning of numbers between ( )?
    Like in the description of the arcanist:
    Whenever an Arcanist or an adjacent ally would be
    assaulted, you may make an Arcane OFF test (6) <----THIS
    and, if successful, the assault is negated

    1. Nevermind!
      I'll start to print the game today! It look awesome!

    2. Oh, it's a "skill test." Basically, you just roll however many dice you have in that skill and at least one of them has to reach the target number (the one in parentheses). Good question, by the way.

  13. Hi!
    Thanks for this awesome game! I would like to ask one thing. What does it mean when the character teyt says: "activate an adjecent enemy"? For example at the Elder Wizard (Wizzards of the Crystal Forest) : "In place of moving the Elder Wizzard roll a die and, on a 3+, you may activate an adjacent, enemy unit"

    Thank you

    1. Activate means that you get to immediately take a turn with the unit (in this case controlling the enemy unit as if it were your own.)

  14. Hello,
    Just finished printing out the United Separatists Militia Army. (Go Browncoats!) Tried it out today against the night parade my buddy printed. I had a couple questions. I thoroughly stomped him, and think we might have been playing it wrong.

    1. What do the numbers in the Parenthesis mean. Like the defense of the Turret Mech is 3 but also (3) what does that mean? Or
    2. Might be related to question one, but how do you do the snipers special ability. It states you can shoot from far away with line of site, but then says you cannot use any OFF dice. I am unsure how you could attack without using OFF dice? Can you clarify?

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

    1. Hey, Lonnie!

      Yeah, both questions come back to Kickers (the number in parentheses). Kickers count as an extra die that always rolls that value. So, if your Melee OFF (for example) is 2 (4), that means you roll two red dice and count as having an extra 4. You can mark it by putting another die (that can't be re-rolled) down. We use white dice for that. So, with the sniper, they can attack anyone in a straight line from them (any distance, just has to be bale to go through the same facing on all connected tiles) and the defender just roills their DEF dice against the kicker value (it's like one Offense die that always rolls a 5).

      Hope that was helpful. Stoked you're playing the game! We have a new version in the works that we'll be unveiling soon. Lots of streamlined rules, and we've phased kickers out for the most part, in fact. We'll announce the news on our new site before long!

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  16. Hello! I find the Pocket-Tactics game very interesting, I'd like to try it. I'm already printing something on my Ender 3! The problem is that I speak Spanish, and I have only seen instructions in English, in non-editable formats and I can not translate them, could you upload them in an editable format? or in Spanish ?? Many thanks for your work!

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  29. OK I like the concept of the game and I have a 3d printer so I can print all of the pieces off thingiverse.com. I even downloaded and printed the rules. The problem I am having is finding the character stats and their abilities. I cant find that info. I was going to start with the fist edition and move up from there. If it would be possible to send me the character sheets and stats in an email that would be great. I look forward to hearing from you and start playing the game. My email is brandonarmstrong82@yahoo.com Any direction toward that info will be apprecaiated

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