Thursday, March 13, 2014

We'll be at Seattle Mini Maker Faire!

Oh, there's so much to tell! We're prepping to launch our very first Kickstarter. No, not Pocket-Tactics - we're still figuring out the best way deal with the manufacturing headache. We're launching Wayfarer, our tabletop RPG system, powered by our Continuum Narrative Engine.

Oh. My. Gods. This has been in the works for years!

Wanna come talk to us about our creations? We've got a booth at Seattle Mini Maker Faire on March 22 and 23. We'll be chatting incessantly, showing off (and playing) Pocket-Tactics, talking up Wayfarer, displaying our 3d printed creations, and surrounding ourselves with crazy Maker creativity. The event is at the EMP, 10am to 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

We'll be raffling off some cool prizes, so come say hello and see what we do and see why you should pledge support to all things Ill Gotten Games. (Shameless plug for the Kickstarter campaign. Sorry.)


  1. Hey IGG! Met you today at the maker faire in Seattle and am backing Wayfarer as promised. It was terrific to meet you all today. On the way home my daughter says to me, "that cool booth with all the board games and awesome 3D models makes me want to get a 3D printer". See what you started? Best of luck to all of your endeavors.