Sunday, July 29, 2012

Introducing Pocket-Tactics!

So, without further adieu, we'd like to introduce Ill Gotten Games' first fully-realized board game: Pocket-Tactics! 

 Pocket-Tactics is a tile-based strategy game in which fantasy forces battle for control of the world. The game is fast-paced (most games lasting between 20-45 minutes) and is so small that it all fits in a little felt bag and the play area rarely takes up more than a square foot of table space. The system is dynamic though resolution is quick and there aren't a ton of rules to track or memorize, making it ideal for advanced and casual gamers alike. 

Gotta give mad props to Makerbot Industries and Tinkercad for allowing us to turn this fun little game into a reality, especially in such a short time. Arian conceived the game on a Tuesday and by that Friday morning had a working, fully painted copy. Now that's rapid prototyping! 

Still working out some kinks, though in the meantime you can see (and download!) the beta version of the game on the Thingiverse here. We're going to be marketing the game, though in the spirit of the maker community we'd like to keep it free to our fellow 3D printing enthusiasts. 

Legion of the High King

The first set, Legion of the High King against the Tribes of the Dark Forest, is hopefully just the first in an ever-expanding universe of fantastic characters from genres ranging from fantasy to science fiction. We've started with fantasy (the origins of Arian's nerdly obsessions and similar to the setting in his novel) and we'll start with a good smattering of common sword-and-sorcery concepts (thanks to Misters Tolkien, E. Howard and Leiber). 

Tribes of the Dark Forest
There's a lot of excitement over here at Ill Gotten Games and we know this game is going places. We're eager to hear from anyone who's played or is interested in playing, so if you have any questions or feedback drop us a line

For those of you who don't have your own 3D printer and Arian's painting skills, the full game will be available on the Etsy account soon. Check back regularly for expansions, new versions, and, of course, more (brilliant) games.


  1. Check out a game I'm proto typing on tinkercad. It is called STEAMPUNK EMPIRE

  2. Hey, congratulations on the Wired article! That's awesome.