Saturday, July 28, 2012

So Many Excuses but We've Basically Been Creating a Lot

So, oops. How has it been months and months since we've posted something? Well, time flies when you're having fun, and we've been having a helluva good time...

We got our first MakerBot Replicator!! Holy crow, this has revolutionized our creative process, as we create so many things for our games in Tinkercad. We no longer have to order prints from Shapeways, though we love them and certainly intend to someday order some of our models in stainless steel to put on the mantel (next to our eventual Origin Award, naturally).

Let's sing the praises of the MakerBot, shall we? We got Fred, as it's been lovingly dubbed, back in May. They've done such an amazing job with this product. We literally pulled it out of the box, followed the easy instructions, and were printing within an hour. It took some finagling to get our existing designs formatted just right, but we've been on fire (well, at about 230 degrees and 110 degrees) ever since.

Oh, meantime lead game designer Arian Croft valiantly attempted to win a  MakerBot through a contest at Tinkercad, and managed to get himself featured on their blog after a fourth place finish. All that recognition went straight to his head, so he went and quit his day job and is now working on models and game development full time.
We really take the concept of scratch building seriously, so Jeremy and Laurel Larsen took the concept one step further and created a baby! Baby Smudge is due in December, and we'd love some name suggestions.... (Yes, Smudge for now. Initial ultrasounds are pretty hard to decipher.)

So, since Laurel (that's me!) is the main blogger and is a MakerHuman and tired all the time, and Jeremy is trying to prepare the nursery while working on models and development, and Arian is glued to the MakerBot, we haven't been posting. That's all about to change...

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