Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Updates - Maker Faire and Kickstarter

Thanks to all for making our first Seattle Mini Maker Faire a resounding success. Although we know why it's defined as "mini," it sure seemed huge and exciting to our little team. We had a blast meeting y'all and talking about Ill Gotten Games' projects.

We've drawn names for the two copies of Pocket-Tactics we were raffling off at the event. If you didn't get an email asking for your address, we're sorry. However, we still have copies for sale on our Etsy site, so certainly check that out or print your own. We'd love to hear your input as you play the game with everyone you know!

Our Kickstarter is kicking along at a decent clip. As of today, we're 79% funded, with 16 days to go. Not too shabby, right? We'd love to exceed the goal so we can get extra books printed, add more art, etc., so please consider pledging if you haven't already. There are some awesome rewards still available, including some of Arian's 3D printed miniatures that you got to see at the event.

If you hear of other events locally that you think would be a good match for what we do, or if you know of a shop in your community who would be interested in a presentation of one of our games, let us know.  We'd love to hear from you!

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