Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We've passed the goal! We have a podcast! We like exclamation points!

Well, as of today, we've officially reached our Kickstarter goal.  Wanna know what kind of overachievers we are?  We reached it twice!  Okay, that wasn't our doing - someone cancelled their pledge and knocked us back, but someone else pushed us back over the line - but we still are over our goal and therefore preparing the first volume of our Wayfarer codex to send to the printer.  Yay!

But wait, is that it?  Hell no.  We've got news coming out our ears.  We've been working on a bundle of new designs for printing.  We've got a new Twitter handle.  Our artists are continuing to work on new pieces that we'll be able to add to the book when we get some additional bids.

And, perhaps most exciting, we've posted our own gaming sessions as our very own podcast.  The Lost Agency Archives is available here on our site.

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