Saturday, March 3, 2012

Continuum Mini

We didn't actually forget about Continuum Mini.  It's like Continuum's feisty little brother, after all, so it wasn't something we were purposely neglecting.  It just kind of happened.  Until this week...

This week we revamped the system.  It's called Mini for two reasons - it's a much simpler game than Continuum and it's a mini game, using 15mm models to enact epic battles.  The biggest similarity to Continuum is that we maintain the modular aspect of the game, meaning that the ruleset is a toolkit that allows you to use any model, any genre, any back story.  So after writing for the last few days, simplifying things even further and cleaning up the last version of the Continuum Mini codex, tonight we had our first game test in months.  Here's how it went:

Initial Setup
The opposing forces were made up of the Circle-tech Incursionary Force on one side and the Midgardian Hill Tribes on the other.  The set up process took a minute, as we reviewed our character sheets for these new squads, but once we got on a roll the game ran surprisingly smoothly.  

Turn 1 - the Combat Mechs moved out to flank the Viking forces, but the Viking force positioned their archers on a hill (thank you Ikea) and moved their Hillfolk spearman and Jotun to intercept the Mechs. Meanwhile, the Circle-tech troopers made a slow advance.

Turn 2 - The Jotuns advanced further while the Hillfolk spearmen charged up a hill.  The combat mechs shot their rail rifles at the Jotun but missed.  The rocket launcher and heavy machine gun trooper made an advance, as did the axe-armed Vikings.

Turn 3 - The Jotuns charged against the Mechs, activating two skill-pushes and destroying them in melee combat. The Circle-Tech troopers charged themselves, cutting the the Jotun down in a hail of assault rifle fire. The Jotun Huntress rushed across to the safety of the hills, ordering the Hillfolk spearmen to advance to occupy a hill of their own. Advancing from the troopers aft, the heavy machine gun-armed troopers cut down half of the Hillfolk, who stood their ground despite the terrible losses. The Viking swordsmen moved forward, hoping to get closer to the action.

Turn 4 - The Jotun Huntress rushed to eliminate the Circle-Tech commander who, despite attempting an interrupt to bring her down with gun fire, fell to her axe. The surviving Hillfolk spearmen rallied atop the hill just before the heavy machine gunners cut down a large portion of the Viking swordsmen, who routed immediately. The Viking axemen made their way through the cover of the hills, suffering minor casualties to rocket launcher fire. 

Turn 5 - The rocket launcher troopers made their way up a hill, while the Hillfolk spearmen moved to the base of the hill to take cover.  The Circle-tech troopers cut down about half of the Viking axe-men.  Meanwhile, the Hillfolk archers also sought shelter at the base of a hill.  

Turn 6 - The Circle-tech troopers wiped out the remaining Viking axemen and the Hillfolk archers suffered minor casualties from the rocket launcher fire.  The Huntress rallied the remaining Hillfolk and fled into the hills.  The battle ended there, with the Circle-tech incursionary force staking a claim to the site, 673 points to 944 points remaining on the field of play.

So, basically, the game was awesome.  We're quite happy with how the test ran, especially after such a recent reworking of the rules.  In total it took about 90 minutes, which was just about perfect.  Can't wait for the next one....

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