Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Current Game

Our current incarnation of Continuum has been epic.  We've been playing with these characters since January 2011, and they've become like family to us.  Because we choose to play in the Multiverse, our characters can vary widely - species and personalities and characteristics aren't limited to a specific planet or other geographic location.  

The Lost Agency:
Operating from the Vagabond, a safe haven for trans-universal adventurers, the Lost Agency may be hired to handle a wide variety of tasks. With an ever-growing roster, the agents of the Lost Agency possess a wide array of skills and no job is beyond their combined expertise.

Mr. Jackson
Species: Human
Home World: Earth
A man with a thousand names, the trans-universal adventurer known throughout many worlds as Mr. Jackson is considered to be the first member of the Lost Agency. The agency carries on his legacy, as it was founded in his honor by his surviving allies after he sacrificed himself to destroy the god-world, Tartarus.
The Professor
Species: Phyto-Processor
Home World: The Observatory
Created and abandoned by an advanced culture, the Professor is a hyper-intelligent, sentient plant dedicated to learning and exploring the Multiverse and ambulating by means of a highly sophisticated robotic suit. Before helping to found and run the Lost Agency, the Professor was a renowned Doorman, a specialized technician able to operate the mysterious Omnispheres, devices capable of transporting their users throughout a network of universes.

Species: Jotun
Home World: Jotunheim
Displaced from the Nine Worlds after an invasion at the hands of the then-aligned Tartaran Empire and Techno-Sovereignty, Baldev, prince of Jotunheim, found his way into the company of Mr. Jackson and the Professor. With his great strength, magical prowess and skilled swordsmanship, Baldev has been an invaluable asset to the Lost Agency.

Rayston Berkely
Species: Human
Home World: Earth
Drawn into the Multiverse by a magical talisman left to him by his grandfather, Rayston searches for a way home for himself and his girlfriend, Olive. Armed with a weaponized guitar and aided by Starfall, a magical horse able to transport its rider between realities, Rayston and Olive travel the Multiverse, searching for Earth and adventuring in the name of the Lost Agency.

Rocky Donovan
Species: Tentri
Home World: Tentrus
An alien reporter in human guise, Rocky Donovan was working a diplomatic mission with the Dominion when his brane ship was stolen. Joining up with what would become the foundation of the Lost Agency, Rocky went on many adventures before his life was taken at the hands of the notorious Tartaran assassin, Quilloitis.

Species: Human
Home World: Eden Prime
Freed from a stasis pod after a thousand years of temporal displacement, Alexandra awoke to a world ravaged by war and famine. An expert technician and innovator, Alexandra has been an invaluable addition to the Lost Agency, designing and maintaining field gear and providing leadership in the absence of The Professor and Baldev.

Species: Pig-Man
Home World: Pig-Earth
Rescued from enslavement at the hands of a Teledrome Quiz Show, the brilliant pig-man outcast, Pigdexter, has made up for his inexperience with raw enthusiasm and bravery.

Henry Cobb
Species: Human
Home World: Earth (Variant)
Leader of a slave-rebellion in a version of Earth where the South won the Civil War, Henry found his way to Nexus City after 150 years of enslavement at the hands of the Observer known as the "Faceless One." Joining forces with the Lost Agency, Henry aids them in their missions, searching when he can for the whereabouts of him wife and children.

Species: Basilisk-Kin
Home World: Bastion (Earth-Variant)
Champion tunnel-delver and unarmed combatant, Upsillon comes from a community of creatures spliced from Basilisk DNA by the last survivors of humanity in an Earth assailed by mythological creatures. Indebted to the Lost Agency for his people's liberation, Upsillon has served them ever since.

Species: Wood Sprite
Home World: Bastion (Earth-Variant)
Spawned from a powerful book capable of realizing its reader's whims, the wood sprite, Metis, was born attuned to the Professor and is devoted to him and his allies within the Lost Agency.

Mister Mistook
Species: Gnome
Home World: Duskmoor
An unparalleled tinkerer, Mister Mistook's combined scientific expertise and magical prowess make him one of the most sought-after personalities in the Multiverse. Scarred from seeing his work used for destruction by the unscrupulous Circle-Tech corporation, Mister Mistook has since fought to undo their damage and make reparations for the harm his creations have done.

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