Saturday, March 10, 2012

Look What We Made This Week!

Our little community in the Pacific Northwest is known for being environmentally friendly.  There is a huge community of artists locally, and many of them celebrate our love of reuse by incorporating recycled bits into their creations.  We like to think that we're a part of that movement in the way we're developing our new terrain pieces and models.  Some people may call us hoarders, but we prefer "environmentalists."

Granted, we're lucky to have family and friends who wash and save random bits of plastic and metal for us.  And we're exceptionally lucky to live in a place that has organizations like RE Store and the newly-opened Allied Arts recycled art supply store, AARTS.  However, most of the parts we used in our new pieces came from the gaming group's kitchens and workshops.  

Because this is a gaming blog, we're going to present these pieces, of which we are exceptionally proud, in reverse order - after and before, as it were.  Take a close look at the pics and then scroll down to see how much you are able to decipher. 

So, that's how the pieces turned out after being sprayed with a new shade of grey-green texture spray paint. 

Here's what they looked like before we sprayed:

Scroll down to see the recipe we used to create our futuristic little world...

We intend to play our first Continuum Mini game with this new terrain in mere moments, so stay tuned for that play-by-play and more pics including our fantastic little 15mm models in action.  Meantime, start collecting pieces and make your own terrain.  We'd love to see photos in the comments for this post!

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